Designosaurs 🦖🦕 – Marketing Article

We’ve all met *that* designer. The one who fits a stereotype so well, it’s like it was written for them. The hipster, the file-organizing junkie, the all-powerful creative director—they are unapologetic about what they love and are unabashedly themselves. And we think that’s awesome. These type of designers tend to stick together in a ‘pack’. This behavior is so instinctual, it dates back to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We thought to ourselves, what if designers and…

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Introducing the April Release of Capture CC – Mobile Marketing Article

Access your Lightroom photos In addition to Adobe Stock, your camera roll, and Creative Cloud files, now you can access all your amazing photos from your Lightroom account to transform into Capture assets. Edit your shapes to (even more) perfection We know how easy it is to get caught up in the details. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to get your shapes just right. Now you can edit your eraser size while cleaning up your shape, and…

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