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How to Evolve Lead Qualification as Your B2B Company Grows – B2B Marketing Article

If you’re a small business owner, you might remember the day you implemented Google Analytics on your website and saw traffic come in for the first time. You recall how excited you were and rewarded yourself with a nice glass of wine. Gradually, you received your first, hundredth, and thousandth free trial signup (and probably consumed just as much wine!). And while you continued to smash all those milestones, your business continued to grow. Over time, you came across what…

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Business Mpact Selling – Who Cares? The Client Does! And So Should You! – B2B Marketing Article

As a follow on to Seven Steps to Composing a Compelling Business Mpact Statement, Business Mpact Selling is a philosophy and approach to sales that will provide clients with solutions which truly improve the clients business outcomes, differentiates the unique characteristics of your offering, increase close rates, and provides increased sales margins. Working with thousands of sales professionals with companies across six continents, these organizations have realized an average of a 9% increase in sales margins by following a Business Mpact…

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