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Book Launch: How We Made $8,268.54 in 7 Days – Marketing Article

Should You Even Write a Book? Before getting into our book launch strategies, it’s worth mentioning briefly why we wrote a book, to begin with, as our goal informed our entire launch strategy. Despite the earnings I mentioned in the introduction, our goal with Built to Scale was NOT to earn a lot of money. Nor was it to publish an Amazon bestseller (although, it would have been nice). Both are fair goals, of course, but we wanted to set…

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7 E-Commerce Case Studies Every Marketer Should See – B2B Marketing Article

2. Build Powerful Backlinks to Your Online Store Even though most online stores rely on Google search for their organic traffic today, few e-commerce marketers know and appreciate the importance of e-commerce SEO. And even fewer spend enough time and effort on link building. Getting high authority sites to link to your online store will make your domain more powerful. And a powerful domain will help you outrank your competitors in search engine result pages (SERPs). I’ll be honest—link building…

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