Podcast: Building & Growing Consumer Apps for India – Mobile Marketing Article

I have almost stopped writing here and I feel little sad about it. I hope to revive growthbug in 2020. I am currently working on something that is keeping me busy. Having said, I ended up chatting for 3 HOURS with Ravish Bhatia & JPK what I thought would be an hour’s work 🙂 I enjoyed chatting with them about building apps, growth tools & early growth ideas. Here is the link to the podcast we recorded (duration-40mins): Product Management 2: Deepak…

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How to build a profitable growth strategy for a mobile app. – Mobile Marketing Article

Those small parts refer to little changes that contribute to increase the steepness of a product’s growth curve. Those are no less than implementations of positive experimentations. To better understand how a profitable growth strategy can support your app downloads, let’s go through a recent experiment we took for an android app. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION Analyzing Google Play data, we noticed that we were having a major issue on store listing conversion. We were receiving a lot of visitors, but just…

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