How I Made My First Ever $3,000 (and How You can Make Even $10,000) – Marketing Article

How I Made My First $3,000 (and How You Can Replicate A System To Make Even $10,000 or More) Is it possible for you as a Nigerian to be in Nigerian and be making money from abroad? I’m not just talking about money, I mean good money. What I’m going to share with you made me my first $3,000 back in 2008. Yes, back in 2008. The good news is that you can use the same strategy to make your…

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How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In 14Months or Less – Marketing Article

Business Growth Playbook: How To Grow Your Company By Atleast 306% In Few Months. What do you think is the biggest question on the lips of most entrepreneurs and company founders? ‘how to grow my company?’ ‘How to make sales?’ or is it ‘how to attend the next party?’ I’ll tell you straight! I recently surveyed a few thousand business founders and entrepreneurs on my email list — and guess how much their businesses generate (on average)? 15 million naira…

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How to Get Premium Clients, Consistently, Even If You Are… – Marketing Article

How To Get Premium Clients, Consistently. Would you like to get premium clients, every single day? You see, if you are able to consistently get high paying clients to your business… You’ll be able to expand very fast, you will be able to pay all the bills, you’ll have alot of money to play around with in the bank, and you’ll never stay awake at night thinking ‘where will my customer come from?’ The big question now is, how? Let…

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