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How Email Marketing and Patreon are Keeping the Lights on for Entertainers – Email Marketing Article

Learn how these touring musicians transitioned from live performances to online shows with their new tour. The show must go online! By Kristin MacLaughlin June 4, 2020 Danika Holmes and her husband Jeb Hart are in an acoustic/pop/soul duo, Danika & the Jeb. Because of COVID-19, their spring tour and summer shows have been cancelled. As Holmes explains, “The first time a cancellation came for a show, it was a bummer. The second time it was an inconvenience. And the…

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How One Blogger Gained 120,139 Email Subscribers – Email Marketing Article

Do you know what the key to a successful blog is? A loyal community of readers.  No, not those one-off readers who visit your website, read a blog post and disappear. I mean, sure it’s great to attract as many readers as possible, but it’s a waste of an opportunity if you don’t know whether they’ll return — and you’re not enticing them to comeback. This is exactly why building an email list is so crucial to any online business,…

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