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Google Play Review Process: How Long Will You Wait? – Mobile Marketing Article

Google Play has been adjusting its app review process, requiring some apps to take more time for a thorough review before approval. This can impact the timing of an app or update going live, so developers should keep it in mind when pushing out updates for functionality or App Store Optimization. What’s Changing In August, app developers began reporting an unexpected three-day wait time for their apps to be approved. Google’s notification stated that “for certain developer accounts, we’ll take…

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Google Play Restricts Apps for Marijuana, Alcohol and Tobacco – Mobile Marketing Article

Google Play continues its policy updates. Following the new rules for children’s apps and loot boxes, it is introducing restrictions on apps regarding the sale of marijuana, as well as ones that sell or glorify tobacco or alcohol products. With this change, many app developers may need to modify or reposition their apps and App Store Optimization to avoid removal. Policy Update The Google Play Developer Policy has been updated with several new additions or alterations. Specifically, the Restricted Content…

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