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Google Ad Inventory for iOS App Campaigns Increases – Mobile Marketing Article

Google is set to roll out new updates for Google Ads that will impact how apps are discovered in web searches. What makes this interesting is that it’s designed for iOS apps, rather than Google Play apps. The company will be able to access Google Search inventory on the Safari browser for iOS, a move intended to improve traffic and impressions from searches on iOS devices. This could change how iOS developers implement their paid campaign strategies. What’s Changing? Previously,…

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Top 7 Metrics to Measure PPC Performance – Marketing Article

You’ve got your ad account set up. Check. Your campaigns and ad groups set properly. Check. You’re running multiple ads within each ad group and testing variations of copy. Check. But, is it all working? This is the big question. Google gives you hundreds of different metrics to look at. Which ones are most important? Which ones can you ignore? Which ones should you show your boss? We’re going to break down the most important metrics at each level of…

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The middle ground for single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) Search Engine Watch – Marketing Article

Aside from perhaps the most unfortunate acronym in the industry, do single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) have a role in modern paid search? For many years, single keyword ad groups were the hallmark of good PPC strategy. And aside from a slight feeling of unease when saying the word, SKAGs appeared to offer much. In simple words, this was the practice of placing single keywords in an ad group, instead of a small group of closely themed keywords. This provided…

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