General Data Protection Regulation

How Will Brexit Change Email Marketing Norms – Email Marketing Article

The last day of January is when we will leave the EU. It is, whatever your wishes, a momentous day, not only politically, but many suggest there might be a threat to business interests, including email marketing. When the EU signs off the Withdrawal Agreement there will be an interval that has been called the Transition Period. From a political point of view there will be significant change. The UK will not be represented at the EU. We will have no…

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The Current State of GDPR Compliance in Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

We’re nearly 18 months removed from the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After all of the panic leading up to GDPR enforcement, we can safely say that the marketing world has not grinded to a halt due to compliance challenges. But after Google was fined $57 million for violations earlier this year, previously theoretical GDPR compliance concerns became all too real. And for marketers, the pressure to adapt is mounting. Because third-party data plays such a…

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Everyone should make friends with the ICO – Email Marketing Article

The ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) polices data protection and, with our, hopefully massive, email marketing lists, you’d think we should be wary of them but it’s just the reverse. We should look upon them as a valuable asset.  It is almost as if the ICO doesn’t want a lot of bother. It’s the easy life for them, and if they don’t have to indulge in expensive litigation, the happier they will be. Their intent seems to be to make…

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