Five Marketing Trends CMOs Should Act On In 2020 » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

Why Success hinges on an offensive strategy. Despite shrinking marketing budgets, CMOs are still optimistic about their ability to achieve their goals in 2020 according to Gartner’s annual 2019-2020 CMO Spend Survey. But optimism without action is counterproductive and many CMOs may be failing to plan for tough times ahead.  CMOs are more agile now than they were during the last economic recession, but that doesn’t mean they can hunker down to ride out a challenging environment. They have to go…

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Gartner reporting: Training, system integration and talent could help improve the effectiveness of martech stacks – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: The new Gartner survey on martech finds that this year’s average assessment of martech stacks’ effectiveness is about the same as last year – but both assessments indicate effectiveness has a ways to go. The biggest impediments to effectiveness: training, tech integration and talent recruiting. IT and marketing departments are now often working well together – helping to make tech integration less of an issue for “best-of-breed” solutions. Marketers are only utilizing 58 percent of their marketing tech…

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