How One Simple Strategy Changed the Candy Industry – Marketing Article

Image Credit: Vanderbilt Cup Races More than a hundred years ago, a remarkable entrepreneur used a clever marketing strategy to create explosive sales for a rather ordinary candy product. Edward Noble is best remembered today for his 1943 founding of the American Broadcasting Company, which survives today as part of Disney. Decades before that, though, he was a pioneer in the candy industry. In 1913, Noble bought the rights to Pep-O-Mint candies, mints shaped like donuts and packed in a…

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When Lead Generation Trumps Helping Customers | #FrictionHunter – Marketing Article

Which is more important on your website? Helping potential customers, or turning them into leads? Lead generation is important for most businesses, but your choice can have a big effect on customer experience. [IMPORTANT NOTE: I began working on this post last year. Since that time, all of the sites have changed their user experience. Treat what follows as an illustration of different CX/UX approaches, not a critique of the current experience offered by these brands.] After five years of…

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Economic Friction: Scoring the 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates – Marketing Article

Which of the plethora of candidates running for the U.S. presidency in 2020 will be best for the economy? One way to answer that question is to see which candidates are likely to implement policies that lead to growth in economic activity. What Drives Growth? In my book FRICTION I provide examples and research data showing that one major determinant of growth at the national or regional level is how easy it is to conduct business. Indeed, the World Bank thinks…

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