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B2B Marketing Strategy: What’s a Real Differentiator? – B2B Marketing Article

A solid B2B marketing strategy requires differentiators that actually stand out. This seems obvious. But unfortunately, in B2B tech, great differentiators are hard to come by. Tech Needs Better Differentiators Here are a few ways technology companies tend to target the commonplace when they should be highlighting the unique. Multi-Cloud Is Not a Differentiator Sure, “multi-cloud” used to mean something special. When AWS was the only game in town, Azure was struggling to get recognized, and GCP was still on…

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People Pleasing ≠ Good Messaging – B2B Marketing Article

To develop a solid B2B messaging framework, you need to make some tough decisions. You also need to disappoint some people while delighting others. Sadly, too few companies do this. In all cases, this inability to commit leads to poor messaging and poor marketing.  “All Things To All People” = Bad Messaging Framework Nothing does it all. Everything has limits. But you wouldn’t know this when you read messaging from a B2B focused technology company. Let’s take a look at…

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A Cautionary Tale of Marketing Buzzwords – B2B Marketing Article

Yes, yes, I see that your solution will enhance my ROI and accelerate something or other while also optimizing and transforming my business. But, um, what does it do?  If your B2B content strategy doesn’t include the prohibition of buzzwords, you may want to rethink your messaging. Stop Recycling Buzzy Taglines- Just Throw Them Out Unfortunately, B2B tech marketing has a tendency to go for fluff over substance. And marketers keep relying on the buzzwords that annoy and confuse customers…

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