What do you do as a Sports Marketer? – Mobile Marketing Article

Why is Sports Marketing important? Sports marketing is an amazing challenge for any marketer. Digital era allowed sports fans to experience their favorite sports and teams in unimaginable ways. But how do you connect with your fans if you are not a renowned, multi-million dollar club? There are quite a few simple ways to create engaging sports marketing campaigns and make your fans feel like they are part of one big family. Here are 5 tips on how to engage…

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How to Boost Fan Engagement in Modern Sports? – Mobile Marketing Article

Importance of Fan Engagement Nothing in life should be taken for granted – especially someone’s love and dedication. This is especially true in sports, where fans are not merely people who root for a certain sports club – they are often part of the club’s brand and identity, a hammock for the difficult times and in the end, the reason competitive sports exist. Even the most die-hard Sports fan need to feel that this love is mutual, which is why driving…

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