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Real Data from Actual Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns – Marketing Article

In this article, I’m going to show you never-before-revealed data from some of my recent Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. I’m sharing these behind-the-scenes Messenger analytics (against my better judgement…) for 2 main reasons: Authenticity: Seeing is believing. You’ve heard the hype about chatbots. I want to pull back the curtain so you can determine, based on real data, whether or not the hype is deserved Motivation: I want to show you that you can get similar results by applying specific…

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Do Stickers Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance? A $300 Experiment by Wave.video – Marketing Article

Stickers and GIFs make your videos more engaging. Ever since Instagram introduced this feature, people have grasped the opportunity to add a special touch to their videos. But here’s a question: however lively and engaging the videos with stickers might be, can they really improve valuable metrics for your business? In other words: do they work well for key indicators, specifically in video ads? We decided to find out for ourselves how much more “engaging” a video with stickers might be.…

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“Social Proof is B@$&@#%!” FALSE. Facebook Analytics Raises the Bar While Still Working Against Itself. – Marketing Article

“Social proof doesn’t mean anything.” “I don’t care how many people like my ads, we need to sell stuff.” This kind of myopic viewpoint regularly guts paid social campaigns that would otherwise become hugely successful. I know what you’re thinking (and on the surface, seems accurate): “My goal isn’t social interaction, I need sales.” Why assume one has nothing to do with the other? Capitalizing on Consumer Sentiment Historically, the siloed  view of “this ad set generated x conversions/CPA/ROAS” was really…

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