Why Emotions Matter In Marketing? Why Is It Considered As Top Of Priority? • Vasile Stoica – Marketing Article

For decades, marketers have been encouraged to use spurious tactics to get people to buy more stuff. Once a brand starts focusing on guilt, anxiety or fear to sell its products, the potential impact on consumers – particularly those already in fragile mental states – simply isn’t worth it. Such tactics turn us from marketers into exploiters. Brands and marketers shouldn’t have to trick people into buying stuff. You can do this in a positive way by talking about the…

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The Culture Shock – Data as the New Oil – B2B Marketing Article

Posted on 31st October 2018 by Fiona Buckley You can’t go a day without seeing a story about data. Whether it’s a company misusing data, legislation about data, or how much your personal data is worth, these little chunks of information are big news and big business. You’ve also probably heard that ‘data is the new oil’, and there’s certainly a lot of money to be made from it. But there’s more to it than that. Like oil, when it’s…

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Musings of a mobile marketer: Sunday Snippets – Mobile Marketing Article

It’s Sunday and I have snippets to share: Want to speak at a conference? Then check out Mark Littlewood’s top tips for a successful speaking application. Google is on a mission to rid the web of annoying ads. They have a division called ‘Sustainable Ads’ and have put this post together to inform journalists of what’s happening. LinkedIn has a feature to allow bosses to spy on employees. You can read about that here.. I can’t say I’m surprised but…

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