Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Crisis – B2B Marketing Article

It’s a typical interview, and a business owner asks the would-be employee, “Do you think you would be a good fit with our company culture?” Or maybe the interviewee, given the chance to ask a question, chimes in, “Can you tell me a little about the culture?” With the attention we pay to “culture,” you’d think we were all amateur anthropologists. But there is a reason it plays a significant role in how we think about businesses today. Identifying and…

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How Your Employees Can Become Citizen Developers – B2B Marketing Article

The digital era is hurried and continually evolving. For businesses that are developing and implementing new technologies, it is a necessity to automate and optimize their processes in order to keep up. This ends up being a problem in itself, though, as professional developers are a finite and often strained resource, making app development difficult to achieve in a timely manner. In fact, over half of IT leaders claim to struggle with a lack of IT talent to keep up with the current…

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Focus on Self-Improvement, Not The Best Resume – B2B Marketing Article

In essence, every business leader is working to assemble a team of superstars. While it’s hard to know exactly which candidate will be the best addition to your team, most people try to nail down the answer by focusing on the recruitment and hiring stage. By shedding the less-than-impressive resumes and focusing on candidates who have stellar backgrounds and qualifications, it can appear that you have the best and brightest candidates. But if you look at the qualities that actually…

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