#COSeries Recap: Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality – B2B Marketing Article

This years’ Campaign Optimization Series, hosted by Demand Gen Report, put a spotlight on the strategies and tools marketers have seen success within this new environment, with targeted webcasts led by industry thought leaders addressing topics such as ABM for sales success, virtual event best practices, data strategies and more. During her session, DeAnn Poe, SVP of ZoomInfo, cited recent research from HubSpot that highlighted a renewed interest in marketing but less interest in speaking with a sales rep, which…

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The 4 Key Listening Habits of Exceptionally Great Salespeople – B2B Marketing Article

To Sell Greatly, a salesperson has to be relationship first. And the most important skill in building strong, enduring relationships is the ability to be a good listener. Ironically, most of us are terrible listeners. It’s like we completely understand the importance of listening well, but we just can’t bring ourselves to actually do it consistently. Luckily for you, becoming a better listener is something you can absolutely become good at, and in doing so become a great salesperson. Here…

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