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Impressive email marketing to engage subscribers – Email Marketing Article

Consumers want email. Research shows 72% of consumers prefer email to any other communication channel. But, just because consumers prefer it, doesn’t mean they’ll open your emails or click on the links inside. To get that reaction, you have to wow subscribers. To help brands bring-the-wow, here are ten tips to keep subscribers active, interested, and buying: 1. Welcome new subscribersWhen a new subscriber joins your list, send him or her a welcome email. It’s the first email communication you’ll…

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How One Blogger Gained 120,139 Email Subscribers – Email Marketing Article

Do you know what the key to a successful blog is? A loyal community of readers.  No, not those one-off readers who visit your website, read a blog post and disappear. I mean, sure it’s great to attract as many readers as possible, but it’s a waste of an opportunity if you don’t know whether they’ll return — and you’re not enticing them to comeback. This is exactly why building an email list is so crucial to any online business,…

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