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3 Email Personalization Tips That Go Beyond a First Name – – Email Marketing Article

Personalization is just a fancy buzz word that means — make your messaging more human. But no matter what word you use, personalization is crucial in modern day marketing. Studies have repeatedly shown that personalized messages make consumers more likely to purchase from your brand. In fact, 75% of all consumers are more likely to buy from you if your brand has that personal touch. In email marketing, the easiest way to personalize your emails is to use a person’s…

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DMARC’s Role in Email Marketing & Deliverability   – – Email Marketing Article

Scams go all the way back to the days of handmade paper, ink and quill, and mail sent by messenger dove. For instance, rewind 200 years to the ‘Spanish Prisoner’ scam, which today has morphed into the ‘Nigerian Prince’ email scam we are all familiar with. You are no stranger to emails asking for your personal information, in exchange for some type of reward. Now, it may seem like only the weak fall prey these days, but the fact is…

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5 Ways to Send Product Update Emails That Engage Your Contacts – – Email Marketing Article

Businesses spend a lot of time and resources developing and improving their products. So, when the time comes to release updates, they want to let customers know what they’ve been working on, which new features just rolled out, and how they can benefit from them. The only problem is that, often times, customers aren’t as eager to learn about the latest updates and improvements. But that doesn’t mean you should stop sending out product update emails all together! In this…

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