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Data Enrichment Services through Data Hygiene – Email Marketing Article

Data hygiene is an important part of the data enrichment services for your business. In this blog post, we will outline ways to make your internal data hygiene process more efficient and beneficial to your business. From facilitating important business decisions to mitigating risk associated with collecting sensitive personal information, companies of any size need to be aware of the power and liability of their data. Databases are highly dynamic, so the quality of a company’s data constantly changes. If …

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Cliff Notes are Useful, so are Targeted Email Address Lists – Email Marketing Article

December is crunch time for new student enrollment season. Students are submitting their final applications and working to meet enrollment deadlines. Because of this, it is critical to create compelling marketing during that time of the year that connects with students. This will help push them over the edge to apply to your university. At FrescoData, we have carefully compiled five of the best practices for higher education to reach their targeted email address lists during this critical time. Develop…

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