How Mailjet Built Real-Time Collaboration Features To Make Email Easier For Everyone – Email Marketing Article

A Conversation with Nelly Moreau, Michyl Culos, and Miles DePaul Too many cooks will spoil just about anything, but when it comes to email it’s not uncommon to have anywhere from five to fifty people involved in hitting send. From version control, to design standards, to typos, to legal approval… getting everyone on the same page for each campaign is a headache at least, a nightmare at worst. Thankfully, Mailjet made it their mission to finally make that process better.…

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How Inbox Awesome Created a Killer Conference – Really Good Emails – Email Marketing Article

The Lego Movie isn’t the only place where everything is awesome. In New York on December 6th, everything will be awesome at the Inbox Awesome & Work Awesome Conference. (And not just because our very own co-founder and podcast host Matt Helbig will be there — but that’ll be awesome, too). Get discounted tickets with 20% off code “RGEAwesome”. If you want to know more or if you can’t get yourself to NYC, then you’re still in luck. We got a peek…

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