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Should You Give Away Valuable Items? – Email Marketing Article

You have worked hard for everything you’ve got, so why should you give away something just to gain subscribers to your email marketing list? The answer is that it is probably the cheapest way of getting them. Work out how much it costs to gain subscribers in other ways. There’s the cost of a stand at a trade fair, and don’t forget the costs of travel and personnel. Oh, and hotels, food and – well, you see the point. It’s…

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Blog Email marketing and the rise of veganism – Email Marketing Article

The first thing to do is not panic. The figures suggest that just 3% of the adult population is vegan. However, the numbers are increasing, and you should monitor how they change. Tesco’s own brand of vegan foods, rather oddly named Wicked Kitchen, has been going for over a year. It proudly states on its website that it won an award. If they think the demands of veganism are worth covering, then it tends to indicate that it is something…

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