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Can You Trust The Returns From A Split Test – Email Marketing Article

Split testing is just about as dependable a tool as we have for validating a change in an email marketing campaign. We have an original, the control, and we compare it to one, the variant, that has a single feature that is different from the control. It stands to reason that if the variant gives statistically better returns than the control, it is the way to go. QED and probably other initials.  It’s not quite that straightforward though. You should,…

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Learn From Your First Email Campaigns – Email Marketing Article

It’s an exciting time when trying something new. It is normally tinged with a bit of self-doubt; after all, what if you make a mess of it? A reassuring aspect of starting out in email marketing is that there is lots of advice and help out there, both online and from your email marketing service providers.  They will have told you how easy it is, because it is. Yet when you receive the returns from your first email marketing campaigns…

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