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2020 Valentine’s Day GIF Guide – Email Marketing Article

This Valentine’s Day, add GIFs to your email campaigns. Eye-catching visuals like GIFs can increase click-through rates by 42% and conversion rates by 103%, and may positively impact your sales. It will be a sweet treat for your subscribers — and your bottom line. Not so sweet? Creating your own GIFs. We know that messing around with GIF-making websites can be a colossal waste of time, and hiring a designer to make GIFs for you can be expensive. But here’s a…

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Your Holiday GIF Guide: Festive GIFs to Spice Up Your Holiday Emails – Email Marketing Article

We know how expensive it can be to purchase creative, high-quality images or GIFs, and how time consuming they can be to create them by yourself. That’s why the AWeber design elves made a FREE holiday GIF guide for our blog readers. Use the 16 animated GIFs below for your holiday email marketing campaigns. (GIFs can increase click-through rates, conversions rates, and revenue rates!) There’s a mix of brand-new GIFs, plus fan favorites from years past. Place them in a Black…

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