How Typeform Keeps Their Emails Human – Email Marketing Article

Typeform just went through a huge rebranding process at the start of this year — what has that process looked like, and how has that affected email and your job? During the rebrand, we actually took the opportunity to move ESP as well. So, we shifted from the old automation platform and also shifted to the new-look emails. I’d say that the new look is a work in progress. We’re constantly working on the actual email designs to bring them…

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How Trello’s One-Man Email Team Manages to Make Email Magic – Email Marketing Article

How would you describe how Trello uses email? Is the goal to convert new users, update existing ones, upsell paid plans? One of the big ones is to drive a lot of traffic to our blog. We have a content team that does great work on the blog. Most of our content is very productivity focused (a lot of it’s not even about Trello specifically), but we use our newsletters to serve up blog content. We also focus on just…

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