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Love thy database: quantity vs quality – Email Marketing Article

When it comes to your email database, many people feel that the size of your database matters more than the quality. This, however, is not the case; the quality of your database far outweighs your number of subscribers.  What makes a quality database? A quality database is a database of opt-in subscribers that you communicate with frequently and that engage with your email content. Ideally, you know more about this database allowing you the opportunity to send segmented content and…

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Marketing Automation: The Ultimate Integration Overview | Marketing Automation Experts – B2B Marketing Article

Importance of Data Integration When we’re evaluating the best-suited marketing automation platform (MAP) for new potential clients, one of the biggest questions we ask is where their existing data is housed. While marketing automation has been around for over a decade, many organizations – small and large – are still not aware of what marketing automation even offers, or that there are integrations available with their existing data. Why might you want to connect your existing data? There are many…

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How to make sure your database ACTUALLY exists – Email Marketing Article

With email growing continuously as a marketing channel, you hear a lot of talk about email database or list quality. Businesses have understood that gaining subscribers at all costs is not a beneficial long-term strategy. Many have started focusing more on gaining more quality email data — meaning valid email addresses that belong to real people, and not a bot or spam accounts. In short, an actual email address is an asset, whereas a fake one is pretty much a…

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