Email and the Law

How SME’s Can Prepare For Brexit – Email Marketing Article

Excuse me for getting personal, but Brexit, for me, is rather like waiting for my daughter to leave home. We didn’t particularly want it to happen. However, it was obvious that it would come about eventually. There were a lot of false starts. At the time of writing it seems probable that the election is the start of the final countdown. We can’t be precise as to the form Brexit will take, so it is risky to give advice, but…

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Everyone should make friends with the ICO – Email Marketing Article

The ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) polices data protection and, with our, hopefully massive, email marketing lists, you’d think we should be wary of them but it’s just the reverse. We should look upon them as a valuable asset.  It is almost as if the ICO doesn’t want a lot of bother. It’s the easy life for them, and if they don’t have to indulge in expensive litigation, the happier they will be. Their intent seems to be to make…

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