7 Steps to Minimize Email Attrition – Email Marketing Article

(Updated October 2019) “30%” is a term often used here at FreshAddress. But please don’t get all that excited! Not yet anyway! We don’t mean “30% off,” “30% savings” or even “30% more.” We wish we were able to offer better news when it comes to the percentage, “30%,” but unfortunately, it refers to a problem every marketer must grapple with: email list churn. That’s right. According to industry research and estimates, you can expect 30% or more of your…

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How to reawaken dormant subscribers & revive a failing email program – Email Marketing Article

If you ever wanted to play the role of big-time email marketing consultant, now’s your chance. Grab a pencil, a piece of paper and maybe a calculator, and take a whack at helping a brand get its email program back on track. The brand is Olive Street Toys. No, you haven’t heard of it because it doesn’t exist. However, the numbers in this simulated case study come from actual client work and were used in a recent brainstorming exercise among…

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