Content Syndication Campaigns for B2B (The Cheat Sheet) – B2B Marketing Article

For B2B marketers, content synd campaigns are a popular way to raise brand awareness and connect with new prospects. When it comes to a successful campaign, there are two key factors – the quality of your content, and the accuracy of your targeting. Get those two things right, and you’ll see a great ROI for your efforts. Get them wrong – and it could harm your reputation with viable prospects. In our newest ebook, Engaged: B2B Content Syndication to Build…

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How to Pick an Ebook Topic That Actually Attracts Readers • Copywriter Toronto – B2B Marketing Article

Creating a major piece of content – such as an ebook, guide, or white paper – can be a daunting task. Although these in-depth resources are ideal for educating leads, they are also time-intensive. Many B2B marketing teams are overworked and don’t have the capacity to get these projects off the ground. According to a study by Ascend2, the biggest content marketing challenge is the lack of internal resources to get it done. If you invest in a major content project,…

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The Future of Email Marketing [Video] – Litmus Software, Inc. – Email Marketing Article

March 4, 2016 By Chad S. White Think of the innovations that have impacted email marketing professionals in the past 5 years—things like mobile devices becoming the dominant email-reading platform, the debut of the Apple Watch, the firm establishment of engagement-based email filtering by ISPs, the cross-channel integration of email marketing, and the emergence of interactive email functionality like email carrousels and hamburger menus. Considering all of that change, we couldn’t help but wonder: What do the next 5 years…

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