Smart E-Commerce Trends that will Emerge in Holiday Season 2019 – Marketing Article

Since the time e-commerce stores starting outselling their brick and mortar competitors, the holiday season has been like a retail war that each company tries to win every year around. The competition is no longer between physical retail stores and e-commerce stores. Will a plethora of online stores emerging in every single category, the battle is on between all the giants of the e-commerce industry along with the new players in the market.  So, in this highly competitive situation, what…

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How are you managing the changing nature of B2B customers? – B2B Marketing Article

What do customers want, and are you delivering? Ask a business executive and they’ll tell you that everything they do is for their customers. Which is all well and good, but how many B2B companies are really paying attention to the changes in what customers want? I had an interesting conversation with Steve Shaffer, CEO of Insite Software, a leading B2B eCommerce company. Steve pointed out that B2B sales haven’t changed much from how they were revolutionized in the 19th…

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How to Increase Conversions by Providing an Excellent Customer Experience – B2B Marketing Article

Marketers are all about numbers, and brands are all about people. Focusing on both can result in better profits, while elevating company reputation in the process. It’s the hand-written note that comes with a shipment that tips the scales in your favor to go back to your online store, and the freebie flash drive with your logo that makes customers and prospects talk about your brand after the event is over. It all boils down to delivering on your brand’s…

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