Domain Names

Network Solutions Won’t Let Go Of A Domain – Marketing Article

Posted By Bill Hartzer on June 7, 2019at 9:38 am Despite the fact that I transferred a domain name from Network Solutions to another registrar (GoDaddy), Network Solutions still wants me to renew the domain name and has it in my account. I literally transferred the domain name and moved it because technically it’s not my domain name (I bought it for a client). The client only used GoDaddy as their domain name registrar, so I had to move it…

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KPMG Moves To Their Own .BRAND TLD – Marketing Article

KPMG has moved to their own .BRAND TLD (Top Level Domain), the first of the big accounting firms to make the move. Previously they were using the domain name as their home page, and now if you go to in your web browser it will redirect you to their new domain,, which then redirects you to This move is yet another sign that the big worldwide brands are beginning to move on over to their own…

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