Get a Better Online Presence Faster with New Go90 Program – B2B Marketing Article

Unilog’s Go90 Implementation Program Gives Customers a Full-Service eCommerce Site in 90 Days Time-to-value is critically important to businesses today, which is why every month you’re not online is a missed opportunity to serve customers. As a wholesaler or distributor, you have unique eCommerce functionality and performance needs, but that shouldn’t be the cause of or reason for a lengthy implementation. For this reason, Unilog has launched a new eCommerce implementation program that provides B2B companies with a fully functional…

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California Proposition 65: What Every Distributor Needs to Know – B2B Marketing Article

As a distributor, you may have heard about California’s Proposition 65 initiative to protect their citizens by requiring businesses to provide warnings about their products with potentially harmful chemicals. Their goal is to help Californians make informed decisions regarding those products that may expose them to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. What began as an intention to educate citizens has now evolved into a full-scale mission to make manufacturers and businesses comply with complex regulations…

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