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Best Practices to Lift Your Ad Viewability Score – Mobile Marketing Article

If you measure ad impressions based on how many are displayed, you will know that doesn’t tell whether they have seen your ad. It happens when there’s banner blindness or when your ads are served below the folds. Fewer ad views relatively mean less engagement, which translates to lower brand awareness or lesser conversion. Imagine spending your precious dollars on placing the ads that no one sees. That is why you need to measure your ad campaign performance or results using…

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Mobile Ad Formats and Sizes For Your Display Ad Campaigns – Mobile Marketing Article

Wherever you go, your mobile device follows. Inevitably, mobile has become so ingrained in our lifestyle than any other medias. Consequently, mobile advertising is significant for brands and advertisers (when it is done right). So, it’s expected for many to wonder: What are the best mobile ad formats for my marketing campaigns? Let’s face it. There’s no such thing as a universal ad format. So instead, let’s look at the available types of ads for mobile—traditional and trending. Understand how each works.…

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