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How to give your sales a boost – BBN – B2B Marketing Article

  You read books about it, attend webinars on it, and even spend money learning how to leverage the latest resources and tools to make it easier, but one fact still remains — you need sales to build profits for your business. The problem is that the market is flooded with myths about what makes a good salesperson and what strategies it takes to connect with your leads and turn them into valuable — lifelong — customers.   5 COMMON…

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If I Were Marketing @ B2B Product (B2B Marketing)… – – Marketing Article

Now usually, I write marketing strategies and ideas for a specific brand. It works better since the problems are more specific. The TG is better defined. But, just to break the routine a bit, I want to try writing for a customer segment as a whole- B2B vs B2C.  Instead of picking a specific industry, why not look at marketing for a specific customer segment i.e. B2B Marketing? Now you may wonder how can we consider ideas that cater to…

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