digital transformation

Domino’s Pizza Serves Up Innovations In Tech and Customer Experience To Drive Business Growth – Marketing Article

The mobile revolution isn’t new. But, its deep impact on our behavior, standards and our preferences are just now coming to light. Smartphones have not only made us more connected, they have made us more curious, demanding and impatient. We know we can get what we want, where and when we want it. But for businesses to better compete, technology is only part of the solution. Businesses must now understand customer expectations as they continue to rise as a function…

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21 million seconds in the life of your customer – Mobile Marketing Article

How fast does 21 million seconds pass before your waking eyes, or — more importantly — your customers’ eyes?  With the accelerating cycles of new technology introductions, news and content releases, and your busy calendar of mobile app release cycles, it is easy to lose track of the incredible digital journey your customers are making with your brand each year.

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