Digital Strategy

How to integrate offline and online marketing to grow your business – Marketing Article

Customer journeys are changing shaped by offline and online media consumption. Let’s explore how marketers can integrate the two mediums in their marketing strategy to help convey their brand message more effectively and drive action from audiences. In this article, I will cover: Why should you integrate offline and online marketing? Technological developments have made buyers hyper-connected and empowered. They want to benefit from both the advantages of digital platforms (access, variety, interactivity) and the offline convenience of personal service…

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Goose was at Vertafore’s AccelerateOur Key Takeaways for the Insurance Market | Marketing Automation Experts – B2B Marketing Article

Last week we attended Vertafore’s Accelerate user conference, presented by NetVu, in Cincinnati. While we’ve attended many digital marketing, digital commerce, and insurance events across North America, this was the first Insurance event for us in the United States, and our first Vertafore event. We exhibited at the event with our partner Act-On Software, our partner in delivering market-leading digital marketing solutions for the Finance and Insurance market. Here’s what we learned. The Strategy Gap is Pervasive Just like their…

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Spotlight: How Red Bull puts brand at the heart of its digital strategy – Marketing Article

In the age of digitalisation and the internet, organisations need to be doing more to stand out above the noise to achieve influence and brand originality. The way a brand positions itself and the messaging that it communicates can be the difference between success and failure of the business. This is why having a solid digital strategy in place in 2019 should be a priority of any business. Brands are benefiting almost as much from the digital revolution as consumers…

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