Litmus – Really Good Emails – Email Marketing Article

What do you do when you are in front of hundreds of email geeks on an unsuspecting weekend in the South? Pee your pants? Cuss like a sailor? Show off some kick-a** designs and code that will make grown men and women cry with joy? You will definitely see that last option in this week’s Feedback Friday, coming at you from the UNSPAM stage in Greenville, South Carolina. Get ready for hover states and interactive emails. Matt: Hey Email Geeks!…

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2018 Email Stats (According to Adobe) – Email Marketing Article

But don’t worry too much in the numbers above, because those just show the percentages of people who are doing it 100% of the time. On average in 2018, 61% of personal emails and 76% of work emails are being read (down from 64% and 83% in 2017 respectively). That still gives your email a good chance of being read this year. And when it comes to those under age 35, more than 20% report that they feel general excitement…

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