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Raw Data & Google Analytics: A Game Changer – Marketing Article

For a long time, I considered standard Google Analytics reports to be the best way to get useful insights. From time to time, I struggled with sampling, limitations, and weird results, but I didn’t see a way around it—until I discovered Google Analytics 360 and raw data exports into Google BigQuery. After a few hours playing around with SQL, I was already able to deliver insights I never could have with aggregated Google Analytics reports. Since that day, I’ve been…

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UTM Parameters: A Complete Guide for Traffic Attribution – Marketing Article

Traffic attribution identifies which sources drive visitors to a web property. And it’s impossible to credit a conversion to the correct source without first knowing how a visitor got to a website. In other words, the foundation of conversion attribution is traffic attribution. Simple as it may sound, attributing a session to its traffic source can be tricky, even impossible. This post details the role that UTM parameters play in traffic attribution in Google Analytics. After reading this post, you’ll…

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A Marketer’s Guide to Kaggle for Analytics and Data Science – Marketing Article

Kaggle, the Google-acquired data science platform, started as a virtual meeting point for machine-learning geeks to compete on predictive accuracy scores. It evolved into a Swiss Army knife for data science and analytics—one that can help data professionals, including data-driven marketers, elevate their analytics game. Despite being a free service, Kaggle can help address an increasing number of data challenges: How to find reliable data sources to enrich existing customer and marketing data; How to find ideas, inspiration, and relevant…

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