Benefits, stats, examples Search Engine Watch – Mobile Marketing Article

The last couple of years have made a few things very clear. If you have a business online, you need to make it your business to be mobile-first. Second, your mobile experience needs to be smooth and frictionless if you want it to translate into dollars. Lastly, smartphone users are super fickle and despite downloading over 113 billion apps in 2018, users still regularly use only about 9 apps per day. So, you need to be on mobile. You need to be awesome on…

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How Flutter Looks Set to Transform Android and iOS App Development – Mobile Marketing Article

One of the primary concerns of mobile marketers across the world is ensuring that they have the ability to produce content and apps that are compatible with a range of platforms. However, their two top priorities are undoubtedly creating items that work on both Android and iOS. The two operating systems dominate the market, with figures from Q2 2018 suggesting that Android OS accounts for an 88 per cent share and iOS holds around 11.9 percent. While the likes of Microsoft…

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