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Fact: Engagement Impacts Deliverability | Return Path – Email Marketing Article

We’ve heard predictions of the death of email for years. Like those who predict the end of the world, it’s largely agreed that these people don’t know what they are talking about. Email isn’t dying. But that doesn’t mean it’s not changing. Technology is advancing, email recipients are interacting differently, and mailbox providers are adjusting their algorithms. And the same goes for Validity. Our technology is advancing, our understanding of email is growing, and we’re continually improving our product to provide the best deliverability data in…

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Send It: How Email Deliverability Performance is Measured – Email Marketing Article

There are many elements that impact your deliverability—simply knowing what metrics those are isn’t enough. In order to have the confidence to Send It, you need advanced visibility into how you are really performing and insight into problems that many email marketers miss. Today, let’s focus on two data sources—CoreSeeds and SmartSeeds—specifically designed to show you deeper insight into inbox placement.   CoreSeedsCoreSeeds are one of the original methods used to measure inbox placement. Have you ever tested an email campaign’s deliverability by sending it to…

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