decoy marketing

Decoy Pricing: Did United Airlines Fire Their Behavioral Economist? – Marketing Article

In just about every keynote I deliver, I illustrate a high-friction customer experience with examples from, the website of United Airlines. I used to think the firm desperately needed to hire at least one UX or CX expert, but I’ve concluded they probably DO have people who know those fields. But, I also concluded, the people who know how to fix the site’s usability have far less power than the firm’s IT and security bosses. Despite those website misgivings,…

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Decoy Marketing – Neuromarketing – Marketing Article

Want to sell more of a product or service? Here’s a counterintuitive idea: offer your customers a similar, but inferior, at about the same price. It’s unlikely that they will buy the less attractive item, but you should see a jump in sales of the item you are trying to sell. That’s decoy marketing. Shaving Aisle Decoy Here’s a real-world example. The last time I needed a can of shaving gel, I found myself staring at a shelf full of…

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