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5 Of The Most Popular Types Of Marketing Data Analysis Tools – B2B Marketing Article

For marketers to survive in the modern digital marketing space, they need the right tools to understand whether their campaigns are succeeding or failing. These tools will allow marketers to measure ROI at different stages of a campaign and provide clients with the metrics they need to justify marketing spend. 

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Tableau, Looker, and Origami Logic Acquisitions Show Analytics Is In Fashion – B2B Marketing Article

One of the unwritten laws of punditry is that one event is random, two events are interesting, and three events make a trend. By that measure, the purchases of data analytics vendors Looker by Google, Tableau by Salesforce, and Origami Logic by Intuit within a three week span must signify something. Is it that martech suites must now include business intelligence software? I think not. Even though the acquired products were fairly similar, each of these deals had a different…

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Build or Buy Your B2B Customer Data Platform? – Marketing Article

Looking to reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate time-to-market? Don’t build a customer data platform from scratch for data management and integration — buy one and build an innovative solution that drive competitive differentiation. “Organizations investing too much in building or customizing systems of record have less funding available for differentiating applications.” This statement from Gartner has proven all too correct for many business struggling to create their own customized B2B data collection and distribution systems from scratch.…

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