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Martech in product prototyping: Three critical factors – Marketing Article

New products are introduced in the market almost every day, but not much is heard of the majority after the initial buzz surrounding their launch. It’s too early to classify a product as “good” when no one is buying it yet. Marketing should be a part of the product prototyping and development stage and not an afterthought. In today’s digital society, relying solely on traditional marketing tactics isn’t sufficient. Martech comes to the fore in hitting the right notes. It’s critical…

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Salesforce launches Datorama Marketplace for creating apps with marketing intelligence – Mobile Marketing Article

Last summer, Salesforce announced it was buying marketing intelligence provider Datorama. On Thursday, the CRM giant said that it is launching a Datorama Marketplace to help developers create custom and specialized apps that employ the marketing intelligence platform. And, to get the ball rolling, the company is launching a contest for innovative app ideas, with cash prizes. As we reported after the initial acquisition, “Salesforce’s acquisition of Datorama is significant because it represents a broader trend of consolidation within the…

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