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Christmas Time is Here—Is Your Program Ready? [New Research] – Email Marketing Article

About Patty Atwater Patty Atwater is the Content Marketing Manager at Return Path. She loves digging into email data to discover new marketing insights and craft new, informative ways to tell the story. In her spare time, Patty loves traveling to new places, hanging out with friends, and continuing her mission to find the best guacamole in NYC. Connect with her on LinkedIn. Author Archive This is only a snippet of a Email Marketing Article written by Patty Atwater Source…

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The 5 Emails You Should Send This Cyber Monday to Skyrocket Sales – Email Marketing Article

Cyber Monday’s online sales hit an all-time high in 2018, capping out at a record $7.9 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s an increase of 19.3% from the previous year — and sales are only expected to go up this December. Are you ready to hit “go” on your Cyber Monday email campaign? Here’s a content calendar you can use to make sure you’re maximizing your promotion.  Your 5-Email Campaign for Cyber Monday 2019 November 29: Send your “teaser” email. Tease…

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Text Messaging Tips to Pump Your Black Friday Sales – Mobile Marketing Article

As any retailer knows, holiday sales are essential to their success with 30-40% of sales 30-40% of sales taking place during that time. And Black Friday is the kick-off to holiday season: so, businesses with smart Black Friday marketing strategies can get a head-start on seasonal sales. A well-planned holiday text messaging campaign can help put them in the black. Text messaging is a great way to let shoppers know about deals and promotions on the device that they’ll be…

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