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Google’s Meena Chatbot Could Humanize Conversational AI, But Are Enterprises Ready to Invest in More Intuitive Digital Customer Experiences – Marketing Article

Illustration: © IoT For All TechTarget’s Don Fluckinger is a friend and a highly regarded tech journalist. He recently rounded up dome of the industry’s leading CX and AI experts to explore Google Meena’s next-generation conversational AI. He always brings together a great group for a productive and thoughtful conversation! For context, chatbots today are largely used in rule-based engagements, sitting on top of structured data to perform a set of focused operations. They connect customers to common information or facilitate everyday…

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Announcing Omnisend & Gorgias Integration for Ecommerce – Email Marketing Article

At Omnisend we’re about customer centricity. We practice it with our own merchant customers, we encourage our marketers to practice it with their shoppers, and we promote omnichannel marketing as the best way to give customers more. Because after all, where would any of us be without our customers? Omnichannel marketing is, in its nature, customer centric. You have to put your customer at the center of your marketing strategy for omnichannel to really work. Customer success plays a huge…

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