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Create Amazing Customer Experiences With “Slightly Better Than Average” – Email Marketing Article

    Shep Hyken is all about good habits. So much so, that he wrote a book about it – “Be Amazing or Go Home: Seven Customer Service Habits That Create Confidence With Everyone.” In it, he explores ways to be successful in work and life. So, it’s no surprise that he knows what it takes to provide an amazing customer experience. To do this, we must jump into the habit of amazing every customer, every time. While that sounds…

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5 Ways Content Can Boost Customer Loyalty – B2B Marketing Article

It’s not uncommon to focus much more energy on lead-gen than on customer retention, but that means we may be leaving opportunities on the table, both in terms of sales dollars and the chance to build stronger relationships with the customers who already know us.     So once you coax a lead into sales-ready status — or even better, convert that prospect to a sale — make sure you do what you can to keep them. Create the content…

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