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Do Customer Data Platforms Need Real-Time Processing? – B2B Marketing Article

Is real-time processing a requirement for a Customer Data Platform? It’s a deceptively simple question that can’t be answered without resolving two additional questions: What do we mean by real-time processing? How do we decide what is and isn’t a requirement? Let’s tackle the definition of real time first. There are at least four different flavors of real time processing that relate to CDPs. Real-time updates. This means that new data flows into the CDP and is added to the…

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Build or Buy Your B2B Customer Data Platform? – Marketing Article

Looking to reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate time-to-market? Don’t build a customer data platform from scratch for data management and integration — buy one and build an innovative solution that drive competitive differentiation. “Organizations investing too much in building or customizing systems of record have less funding available for differentiating applications.” This statement from Gartner has proven all too correct for many business struggling to create their own customized B2B data collection and distribution systems from scratch.…

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Sales and Marketing Ops: The Key to Alignment in a Data-Obsessed World – B2B Marketing Article

Aligning Sales and Marketing has always been a major challenge for B2B companies. Overall, industry surveys show that B2B marketers understand their primary goal is to support Sales’ objectives. But misalignment still occurs due to a whole range of factors. For example, there are vast organizational and operational differences between most Sales and Marketing teams, which are often compounded by the use of disparate, unintegrated technologies. But perhaps the most critical point of misalignment occurs around data. Too often, Sales and Marketing…

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