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Salesforce Buys Evergage But Not For CDP – B2B Marketing Article

The CDP Institute published its semi-annual Industry Update report today, which you download here for free. Although every word and image in the report is a jewel, there’s no question that the main story in this edition is CDP industry consolidation. Events in the past six months (stretching a bit to include early January 2020) include seven new funding rounds, three acquisitions of CDP vendors, four acquisitions by CDP vendors, and four asset sales by CDP companies.  Asset sales aside,…

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Explaining Martech to a Five Year Old – B2B Marketing Article

One piece of paper stands between me and ending the year with a clean desk: a list scribbled on hotel stationery that compares different customer data systems to different types of motor vehicles. Richard Scarry  meets CDP Institute, you might say. So, just in case your New Year’s plan includes explaining marketing technology to a five year old, here we go: Data Warehouse = School Bus. The seats in a business are lined up in nice neat rows, designed to…

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