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Google Chrome 81 Will Block Non-HTTPS Images in Email – Email Marketing Article

Many brands and retailers are still sending emails with images that are loading through HTTP. However, the next Google Chrome update (Chrome 81) will cause emails with images loaded over HTTP (vs HTTPS) to no longer show up in some webmail providers. This will mainly affect Outlook.com and Xfinity’s webmail service, as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail use proxies that “auto-upgrade” HTTP images to HTTPS. The reason Google is doing this comes down to security as mixing HTTPS (secure) and HTTP…

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Gmail IMAP (GANGA) Finally Supports Background Images in New Update – Email Marketing Article

For those of you who are unaware, the Gmail App did not support embedded styles and background images when accessing emails through POP and IMAP. The email community calls this GANGA for Gmail App for Non Google Accounts. However it looks like Google has finally added background image support for this client! This is a BIG deal because this means that background images are now supported across all major email clients – although as you know you’d need to jump…

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Gmail is Stripping Ids and Classes From Elements in Classic Version [Update: fixed] – Email Marketing Article

Update 7/14/2018: Gmail has fixed the issue. Ids and classes are no longer being stripped. It looks like Gmail Classic is currently stripping ids and classes from elements within emails. Gmail rolled out a new version of the UI in beta in April, however it looks like in the process of migrating users to the new UI a few days ago the “classic” Gmail suddenly reverted to a pre-2016 version before ids and classes were supported. This article highlights the…

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