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10 Conversion Optimization Myths that Just Won’t Go Away – Marketing Article

Every industry is plagued by myths, misunderstanding, and half truths. This is especially true in digital marketing, and conversion optimization is no exception. Why do they persist? In part because content marketers are rewarded for producing highly shareable and linkable content—not always 100% accurate content. Myths create misunderstanding among practitioners and confuse beginners. Some are worse than others. With the help of top experts in conversion optimization, we’ve compiled an updated list of CRO myths that just won’t go away.…

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JavaScript vs. Python: Which Should Marketers Learn? – Marketing Article

Like many marketers, you may fantasize about the amazing things you could do if you learned to code. But before you get there, you need to decide which language to learn. Several languages come up: Python, SQL, Bash, JavaScript. But only two are full-fledged programming languages—JavaScript and Python. If you’re interested in programming, these are the two languages that you should compare. Deciding between the two should be based on: Your specialty; Your willingness to learn; Your interest in other…

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